Experience the clarity of April birthstone Crystal Quartz and its powerful healing energies

Experience the clarity of April birthstone Crystal Quartz and its powerful healing energies

April is here, and with the arrival of the new month comes a beautiful new birthstone. We love the clear, subtle sparkle of crystal quartz and the fact that it goes with everything in our wardrobe, but did you know that it is considered to be one of the most powerful healing and energising crystals on the planet? Let the clarity it provides clear your mind, and set you on the path to your highest purpose!


How and where is it formed?

Found on every continent, clear quartz or rock crystal as it is known is one of the most abundant crystals in the world. It forms in igneous rocks when silicon dioxide crystallises as it cools, just like water turning into ice. Generally the slower it cools, the larger the crystal will be.


Crystal Quartz throughout history

The fact that crystal quartz can be found all over the world means that it features in legends from many different cultures. The name quartz may be derived from the Greek word for ice, as Greeks and Romans believed that it was actually ice formed by the gods that would never melt. In the middle ages, European clairvoyants used clear quartz spheres to help them to predict the future, this is perhaps where the ‘crystal ball’ originated. In ancient Japanese mythology it was believed to be the physical form of a white dragon’s breath, a symbol of perfection, and here in Australia crystal quartz appears in indigenous stories and ceremonies.
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Crystal Quartz benefits, energies and uses

Crystal quartz is a stone of clarity, a deep soul cleanser to clear your thoughts and help you to identify where you want to go in life and how to get there. An excellent stone for manifestation, it supercharges your intentions and helps you to keep on your chosen path. 

Described as the ‘master healer’, crystal quartz is thought to be the most powerful healing crystal there is, able to help with any issue, ailment or spiritual process. It harmonises all of the chakras and focuses, amplifies, stores and transforms energy, working at a vibrational level that is attuned to your own specific requirements.

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Crystal quartz absorbs energy so efficiently that it can even be used to cleanse other crystals. Keep in mind though that this means it needs regular cleansing itself to remove all of the unwanted energy that it takes on. To do this hold the crystal under running water and visualise any negativity being washed away to leave it clean and reenergised. You can also place it in the rays of the sun or moon for a few hours to recharge its batteries.  


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